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Trusted and Experienced Business Lawyers in Dandenong

Kapadia and Gordon Lawyers are your trusted and reliable Business Lawyers Dandenong.

Our Expertise as Business Lawyers Dandenong

We can assist with building a strong legal foundation for your business. We are experienced with Business Legal Disputes in Melbourne and all business transactions. We can assist you with a business for sale Dandenong.

Our services can assist you in identifying areas of risk and create legal solutions to prevent them from arising, and mitigating the impacts and challenges to your work. 

We can assist you with:

- Starting a new business or venture,

- Purchasing or selling an existing business,

- Restructuring your business for asset protection purposes,

- Making business agreements and arrangements,

- Assisting you with employment related disputes,

- Licensing and franchise agreements,

- Commercial and retail leases,

- Contractor arrangements,

- Shareholder dealings,

- Investigations by ASIC and other regulatory bodies.


Business for sale Dandenong

If there is a business for sale in Dandenong, you can contact Kapadia and Gordon lawyers to assist.


When you sell a business in Dandenong, we will assist you with preparing the contract, assisting with compliance with all relevant laws, rules and regulations, review any requests from the purchaser, and identify any areas of post-sale risk.


When you purchase a business in Dandenong, we will assist you with reviewing the contract, reviewing employment agreements, supplier arrangements, review and transfer of leases, transfer of food premises registrations and conduct all areas of due diligence.


Our Affordable Legal Fees

Our Business Law transactions are fixed fee and industry leading, from as little as:


- Sale or purchase of business –  From $2500 including GST plus Disbursements

​- New Company - $1050 including GST plus Disbursements

- Commercial, retail or residential lease - $700 including GST

​- Transfer or variation of lease - $400 including GST

For all other business law matters and transactions please contact us for an industry leading costs estimate. 

Why Our Client's Choose Us?

Given that we are a full-service law firm practicing in the associated areas of Civil Litigation, insolvency, and debt recovery you can be assured that if there were any issues in your transaction or business dealings, we have the necessary breadth of skills, knowledge, and experience to resolve the matter quickly and efficiently.


Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Litigation and Dispute resolution are essential components of the Legal system, aimed at resolving conflicts and ensuring Justice. Kapadia Legal is a prominent law firm that specializes in handling complex Litigation and Dispute resolution matters. With a wealth of experience and a team of highly skilled Attorneys, Kapadia Legal is renowned for providing effective and strategic legal representation to its clients.

Litigation refers to the process of resolving disputes through the court system. Kapadia Legal understands the intricacies involved in litigation and excels in preparing and presenting strong cases before the courts. The firm's attorneys meticulously analyze the legal issues, gather evidence, and develop persuasive arguments to protect the interests of their clients. They have a deep understanding of the procedural rules and strategies necessary to navigate through the litigation process efficiently.

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