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Our Principal Raynal Kapadia is a well reputed and experienced Indian Lawyer  who is able to assist with almost any legal issue a client  living in or around Chadstone may face.  

We are pleased to offer our state of the art meeting rooms and facilities in the heart of Chadstone. 

Please contact us for an appointment.  We speak both Hindi and Gujrati making it easy it simple, easy and effective to convey your legal needs.

Civil and Commercial litigation in Chadstone

We are your Indian Litigation Lawyer in Chadstone.


We are experienced at resolving all types of civil and commercial disputes. As renowned litigation lawyers offering services in Chadstone our unique transparent fee structure will provide you with the certainty and confidence to deal with any legal issue that may arise.

Property Law / Conveyancing in Chadstone

We are your Indian Property Lawyer in Chadstone. We are your Indian Conveyancer in Chadstone.


Purchasing a property can be one of the most significant transactions a person undertakes in their lifetime. As well reputed property lawyers offering services in Chadstone, we act for both sellers and purchasers in conveyancing transactions and we provide a comprehensive pre-purchase contract and risk review service.

Building & Construction in Chadstone

We are your Building Disputes Lawyer in Chadstone. We are your Building Defects Lawyer in Chadstone.


Whether you are a builder, Developer or Home Owner, as experienced and knowledgeable building lawyers offering services in Chadstone we can assist you with both contractual advice and representation with a wide range of building matters and issues. We have extensive experience in the conduct of disputes involving building defects in VCAT.

We have an extensive network of building consultants and professionals who can assist you with all technical aspects of your building dispute.

Business Law in Chadstone

We are your Indian Business Lawyer in Chadstone.


We can provide assistance with all types of agreements, including negotiating and drafting agreements to suit particular transactions or business arrangements, leases, buying or selling a business, joint ventures, partnership arrangements and trust matters.

Family Law in Chadstone

We are your Indian Family Lawyer in Chadstone. 


We understand that Family Law matters can be exhausting and draining both physically and emotionally. Be it a family dispute, a divorce, property settlement, children’s matters, spousal maintenance, or anything else that involves family members, we can provide you knowledgeable, reasonable and sensible advice.

Whether it is a negotiation, out of court settlement or a court matter, we can guide you through every step of the process


Insolvency & Debt Recovery in Chadstone

We are your Insolvency Lawyer in Chadstone. We are your Debt Recovery Lawyer in Chadstone.


We act for both Creditors and Debtors in both personal bankruptcy and company insolvency matters and debt recovery. 

Wills and Estates in Chadstone

We are your Indian Wills Lawyer in Chadstone. We are your Indian Estates Lawyer in Chadstone.


We can can assist you in preparing a Will which is compliant with the laws of Victoria. We can also assist you in updating your Will when there are changes in your life such as the death of a partner, birth of children, the breakdown of a marriage, the death of an executor, or any other a significant change in circumstances.

We can act for you in making a claim if you have been left out of a Will and believe you should have an entitlement to the estate.

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