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Expert Commercial and Domestic Building Dispute Lawyers in Melbourne

Kapadia and Gordon Lawyers are your trusted Building Lawyers and Building Disputes Lawyers in Melbourne.


We are experienced Building Lawyers and can assist with Building Disputes, Construction Disputes, Commercial Building Contracts Victoria, with Domestic Building Dispute Resolution Victoria, and Domestic Building Disputes in VCAT.

All building contracts are specific and may differ from contract to contract. It is important that you received tailored advice for your particular building matter. Speak to our building lawyers and building disputes lawyers in Melbourne today to see how we can help you. From our depth of experience we can identify areas of concern and work to resolve the issues in a timely and cost effective manner.

How we can assist you as Building Lawyers

Kapadia and Gordon Lawyers are your local building lawyers based in Melbourne. We assist builders, developers and home owners with both contractual advice and representation with a wide range of building matters and issues. 


As experienced building lawyers Melbourne we can provide advice to:


  • Property Owners (including home owners)

  • Builders

  • Contactors / Sub-Contractors

  • Property developers

  • Engineers

  • Architects

  • Surveyors

  • Tradespeople


It is critical to get sound legal advice early to avoid complications later in your building and construction matter.

How we can assist with Commercial Building Contracts Victoria? 


As a builder or contractor preparing a Commercial Building Contract in Victoria you may require expert input from our building lawyers for the specific legal terms of your contract. We can draft the contract to suit your particular transaction and your project, and given our depth of experience with Commercial Building Contracts we know where things will go wrong and how to stop them.


We can ensure that your contract is properly drafted and we can ensure your contract complies with all of the requirements of the Building Act 1993, the Domestic Building Contracts Act 1995, and the relevant Building regulations.


We also have the necessary skills to protect you and minimise your risk from claims made both during the construction process and after.


If you are due to sign a commercial building contract, we can take you through the terms of your contract before you sign it.


Many commercial building contracts and domestic building contracts have numerous elements which we will carefully analyse and explain to you in depth:


  • Provisional Sum

  • Progress Payments

  • Payment Terms

  • Default & Penalty Clauses

  • Prime Costs

  • Annexures referred to as ‘Technical Specification Sheet’ or ‘Foundational Data’

  • Building Site clauses that permit or omit access to the site


Our Residential Building Dispute Lawyers in Melbourne will guide you through the issues and the legal consequences of each and every legal term of significance.


If necessary, to protect your interests we can also assist in drafting amendments to your contract, and even re-drafting parts of the contract to ensure it suits your best interests.

How we assist with Building Disputes Victoria 


As experienced and highly qualified building disputes lawyers, we can provide advice and assistance with respect to all stages in your building dispute in Victoria.


Our thorough understanding of commercial building contracts and domestic building contracts allow us to effectively assert and enforce your contractual rights. We can also effectively intervene in a dispute and ensure that you obtain the most beneficial outcome.


Contact us now if your building and construction project has run into problems with:

  • Defective Building Work

  • Incomplete Building Work

  • Delays in completion

  • Non-compliance with plans and specifications 

  • Variations Invoices

  • Termination of building contracts

  • Breaches of the Domestic Building Contracts Act 1995 (Vic)

  • Breaches of the Building Act 1993 (Vic)

  • Assistance with the Domestic Building Disputes Resolution Victoria (DBDRV)

  • Assistance with negotiations and resolving disputes

  • VBA investigations and disciplinary action


We understand that building disputes can become difficult, confusing and emotionally draining very quickly. It is important that you seek advice from our highly qualified and reputed building disputes lawyers in Melbourne as soon as difficulties arise.

Domestic Building Dispute Resolution Victoria 


Domestic Building Dispute Resolution Victoria is a free Victorian Government Service which was introduced to assist domestic builder’s and homeowners in coming to a resolution and agreement without the need for filing in VCAT.


A dispute resolution officer is appointed and actively works with the parties to attempt to resolve the dispute through conciliation. Occasionally assessor’s are appointed to prepare a report about the dispute.


We can assist you through this process and guide you to a successful resolution. As experienced Building Lawyers and Building Dispute Lawyers, you can rely on us to provide thoughtful, accurate and cost effective advice.


We can represent you in VCAT


We also have an extensive network of building consultants and professionals who can assist you with all technical aspects of your building dispute.

We have helped countless clients across all areas of Melbourne with their Building Disputes Victoria.

Drafting New Building Contracts: Essential Elements and Legal Considerations

When it comes to new building contracts, the process of drafting the contract is crucial to ensure clarity, fairness, and protection for all parties involved. Kapadia Legal, a trusted law firm, specializes in assisting clients in the meticulous drafting of building contracts. With their expertise in construction law, the attorneys at Kapadia Legal pay careful attention to the details, terms, and conditions of the contract, ensuring that the rights and obligations of all parties are clearly defined. By relying on Kapadia Legal's guidance in drafting new building contracts, clients can have confidence in a well-structured and legally sound agreement that mitigates potential disputes and promotes successful project completion.

Unlocking Value Through Contract Review and Negotiation

Contract review and negotiation play a pivotal role in maximizing value and mitigating risks in business agreements. Kapadia Legal, a trusted legal firm, specializes in assisting clients in this critical process. By conducting thorough contract reviews, the attorneys at Kapadia Legal meticulously analyze the terms, conditions, and obligations to ensure legal compliance and protect the client's interests. We skillfully negotiate with the other party to secure favorable terms, minimize liabilities, and unlock additional value. Through our expertise and attention to detail, Kapadia Legal enables clients to optimize their contractual relationships, reduce potential disputes, and achieve advantageous outcomes. With Kapadia Legal's guidance, businesses can unlock the true value of their contracts and enhance their overall success.

Building and Construction Lawyers Melbourne

At Kapadia Legal, we understand that construction endeavors frequently entail intricate legal matters that may surface unexpectedly. Our cadre of building and construction attorneys possess comprehensive knowledge across various facets of construction law, encompassing contract discussions, project oversight, conflict resolution, and beyond. We are committed to safeguarding your interests and facilitating the seamless execution of your project.

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