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VBA and Builders

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

The VBA (Victorian Building Authority) is responsible for the regulation and management of building practitioners (including to, but not limited to builders, plumbers and building surveyors).

The VBA and Builders Melbourne

A key function of the VBA is to supervise and monitor the conduct and ability of registered and listed building practitioners. The VBA ensures compliance with the Building Act 1993 (the Act) and associated legislation to allow efficient and competitive building and plumbing industries in Victoria. The VBA has broad authoritative power to inspect any building works, investigate potential breaches and in turn, prosecute building practitioners to protect the community.

The VBA can also intervene and investigate complaints made by home owners. However the VBA will not intervene if the matter is solely related to defects. The matters in which the VBA may sanction a builder include as follows:

  • Not complying with the Building Act 1993,

  • Not complying with the contractual requirements of the Domestic Building Contracts Act 1995,

  • Being an unregistered builder performing works which only a registered builder may perform,

  • Builders engaging in poor or unconscionable conduct,

  • Sanctioning builders who are not fit and proper,

  • Obtaining a registration with false or misleading information,

  • Failing to notify building surveyors about the completion of each stage of construction,

  • Improperly issuing permits.

If you require assistance with understanding your obligations as a builder, or have a dispute with the VBA, the experienced Building Lawyers at Kapadia and Gordon lawyers can intervene and ensure your rights as a builder are protected.

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This article is provided for the purposes of general information and is not legal advice. Please contact us directly for tailored specific legal advice.

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