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At Kapadia and Gordon lawyers we are highly skilled and efficient debt recovery lawyers.


We understand that not getting paid for services or products you have provided to clients and customers is frustrating. We understand how this affects your business’ cash flow and bottom line, and we work actively with you to minimize this disruption.  Kapadia and Gordon lawyers are available to assist with the recovery of the funds you and your business are entitled to.


Our Expertise Debt Recovery Lawyers

We offer a quick, efficient, and cost-effective debt recovery service in all areas of Melbourne, Dandenong, and Chadstone.

We can assist you with:

  • Following up on payments,

  • Issuing Debt Recovery Notices,

  • Creditor’s Statutory Demands,

  • Creditor’s Petition for Bankruptcy,

  • Winding up Applications and liquidation of assets,

  • Issuing debt recovery proceedings in the Magistrates, County, and Supreme Courts.

In many instances, our mere presence as skilled and knowledgeable debt recovery lawyers is enough to either compel the debtor to pay the debt in full or agree to a payment plan. The payment plans drafted by Kapadia and Gordon lawyers are legally binding and effective at ensuring your interests are secure.


At Kapadia and Gordon lawyers we take your debt recovery matter seriously. Unlike other firms, we do not use generic debt collection templates. We will draft the debt recovery notice to accord with the specific needs and requirements of your matter, and we find that when a tailored approach is provided the result is often significantly better than a mere generic template.


We act for both small and large firms, and we can even assist with recovering personal debts.


In some matters, after a debt recovery notice is issued, the next step will be to file proceedings and obtain a judgement through the legal system.


Once a judgment is obtained, we can assist with obtaining orders for examination of the debtor for disclosure of their assets and sources of income, warrants for the seizure and sale of the debtor’s assets, and orders for the debt to be recovered from the debtor’s employer, or third party.


As we are debt recovery lawyers and not just debt collection agents, we understand that every matter requires the upmost attention to detail and so we can utilise the other mechanisms under the law for recovering the debt as well as Court proceedings. In certain matters, we may be able to bankrupt the debtor or liquidate their company with the assistance of a liquidator by issuing a statutory demand.

Defending Debt Recovery Actions


As we are experienced and skilled debt recovery lawyers, we can also assist in defending you against malicious and unsubstantiated demands for payment made by third parties.


We can assist you with:

  • Dismissing court proceedings and obtaining an order for legal costs to be paid by the malicious creditor,

  • Setting aside statutory demands,

  • Disputing a creditor’s petition for bankruptcy,

  • Disputing a winding-up application, and

  • Negotiating a payment plan.

Our Affordable Legal Fees

Our services can be fixed fee and industry-leading, from as little as $400 including GST


Please contact us for an industry-leading costs estimate. 


Unlike many debt collection agencies, we do not charge fees on a commission basis.

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