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Professional and Experienced Wills and Estates Lawyers in Dandenong and Melbourne

Kapadia and Gordon Lawyers are your professional and experienced Wills and Estates Lawyers in Dandenong and Melbourne.


We understand that thinking about what happens when you pass away or having someone close to you pass away is a difficult and daunting time.


As we are professional and skilled Will Lawyers Dandenong and Estates Lawyers Melbourne, we can help you to navigate the difficult legal complexities of the situation and ensure you have the very best possible outcome.


We are your Will Lawyers Dandenong. When drafting a Will we understand that there are many issues and matters to consider, and we can guide you through the process from start to finish. Our expertise will allow you to consider what the potential issues may be to consider and how you can best avoid them before they arise.


As we are your Will lawyers Dandenong, we can assist you with:


  • Drafting a new will (including advice on selection of executors, and if necessarily intended beneficiaries),

  • Reviewing an existing will,

  • Preparing a codicil amending an existing will,

  • Providing advice on the effect of clauses in a will,

  • Drafting and executory testamentary trusts,

  • Drafting wills to potentially minimise and mitigate the risk of claims on an estate,

  • Will contest matters.


We can assist you with updating your Will when there are changes in your life such as:


  • The passing of a partner or significant relative,

  • Birth of children,

  • The breakdown of a marriage,

  • The passing or change in circumstances of executor,

  • Or any other significant change in circumstances.


We understand that your circumstances can change, and so we can assist in proactively ensuring that your Will provides for the future care and maintenance of your dependents, and we can also assist you in drafting the provisions of the Will to minimise the risk of adverse claims against your estate.


As experienced Will lawyers in Dandenong, we can also assist you in making a claim against an estate if you have been unfairly left out of a Will.


We know that a Will Contest matter can become protracted, difficult, and costly very quickly. Our approach is to consistently provide prompt, clear, easy to follow advice, and we strive to provide you with the best possible outcome, whether it be in an out of Court settlement, a Court-ordered mediation or even a full trial in the Supreme Court of Victoria.


An improperly, or poorly drafted Will may mean that your estate is not distributed in the way you intended, or the Will might even be struck out and lead to hardship for those around you. Having the experienced and skilled Will Lawyers Dandenong at Kapadia and Gordon lawyers will help ensure that your Will is drafted in the most legally effective manner.


As experienced and skilled Estate Lawyers Melbourne, we can assist you in resolving all of the willmaker’s affairs, and help ensure that the estate is administered the way the willmaker intended.


The pool of assets and liabilities left behind by a willmaker is what is termed as the ‘estate’. It is out of this pool of assets and liabilities that assets are passed on, and any outstanding liabilities are calculated and then discharged.


Frequently, an executor of an estate will be left to comply with the legal technicalities of the probate and administration of the estate process. Our Estate Lawyers Melbourne will assist you with:


  • Determining the pool of assets,

  • Executing all necessary documents,

  • Concluding all of the willmaker’s affairs,

  • Transferring assets after obtaining a grant of probate or letters of administration,

  • Pursuing a claim against an estate,

  • Defending a claim made against an estate.


As we are the Best Wills and Estates Lawyers in Melbourne, we can ensure that your Will is drafted in the most optimum manner to ensure the ease of administration of the estate.


Should you require your affairs to be looked after when you are away, or should you become ill, we can assist with the preparation of a power of attorney and give you advice about the appointment of someone to act for you should you lose decision-making capacity.


We can also assist if your significant other has passed away without a Will, or their previous Will was invalidated or not correctly executed.





Our Wills and Estates work is fixed fee and industry-leading, from as little as:


- Wills –  From $440 including GST 

​- Powers of Attorney- $220 Including GST

For all other Wills and Estates matters please contact us for an industry-leading costs estimate. 



We take a compassionate, caring, and sensitive approach to assisting you with this challenging and daunting process. We will tailor the will, or documents according to your best interests and we will cater to your every need.

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