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How Debt Recovery Lawyers Can Assist?

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

If you have debtors who have not paid on time, or are unwilling to cooperate with you there are many ways in which a Debt Recovery Lawyer can assist.

Debt Recovery

Debt recovery solicitors can help with:

1. Negotiation with debtors;

2. Sending letters of demand;

3. Alternative dispute resolution;

4. Commencing legal action;

5. Enforcing judgments;

6. Issuing statutory demands;

7. Winding up applications;

8. Bankruptcy / creditor’s petitions; and

9. Drafting credit contracts.

Debt recovery lawyers are also known as commercial litigation lawyers, so we can advise and assist on all commercial matters. A good debt recovery lawyer has a thorough understanding of the legal system, and can use this to form a strategic plan, to reach a a positive outcome.

Debt recovery lawyers will attempt to negotiate first or engage in alternative dispute resolution, in an attempt to reach a settlement with the least amount of legal costs.

If this does not yield results, your debt recovery lawyers can commence legal action to obtain an enforceable money order if needed.

These processes and procedures require a high degree of legal skill and knowledge so it is always advisable to consult a solicitor before taking further action.

If you require assistance with recovering or defending against a debt, the experienced Debt Recovery Lawyers at Kapadia and Gordon lawyers can assist.

This article is provided for the purposes of general information and is not legal advice. Please contact us directly for tailored specific legal advice. You can contact Kapadia and Gordon lawyers on +61 402 52 6031 or via for more information.

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